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This here is the holy grail...err more like the holy 'cone'...of coffee brewing. This little V and it's 60 degree tilt [That's that the 60 in V60 stands for. Hario, the company that makes them likes to be literal and direct #nolie] changed the coffee world for the better.
The V60 comes in many different sizes and materials but if you do it right, every cup is going to be bright, clear and layered with so much flavour that it's unreal!



If you're looking at this beauty of and thinking - 'this looks like a work of art', you're not wrong. A marvel of chemistry labs, American ingenuity and the the beauty of glass blowing, the chemex is easily one of the most beautiful coffee makers. 

The Chemex brews coffee by straining it through lab grade filter papers at a steep incline. Besides being an absolute treat for the eyes, the syrupy, rich and dense cup it makes is a reward of its own. 



For a man that’s got patents on patents, it was with the Aeropress that inventor Alan Adler struck gold.

We’re not really sure what was on his mind when he designed it but to us, its best explained as a giant coffee injection.

A plastic, portable brewer that uses immersion and vacuum pressure to make coffee as tasty as an espresso machine but at 1/10th the cost? It shook up the scene like an earthquake!

And from this quake came tons of new recipes and even a yearly 
Aeropress Championship!



Ah, France. 🇫🇷 

Designed and patented in 1929, the French Press has stayed as it was for the last 90 years and yet somehow found a way to become a coffee staple in houses across the globe.

We'd like to chalk it up to great marketing but it's more likely the fact that it's really easy and really fast. "Great coffee in 5 minutes? Great. I'll take 12."