Looks like a glass showpiece someone from the 70s would have in their house, right? Yeah, we thought that too.

If you silence the urge to put flowers in it and make it a decor, you’ll find that the Chemex makes amazing, rich coffee. And the filters are no joke too! They’re chemistry lab grade certified paper that filters that only let dope flavours pass through.


You’re looking for rich, dense flavour from coffee that's so deep it'll even surprise even seasoned drinkers!


Coffee: 15 g’s
Grind Size: Medium Coarse
Water: 250 ml at 93°C
Brew Time: 5 min 30 sec 
Extras: Spoon/Stirrer


1 part coffee : 16.5 parts of water


1. Put 250 ml of water to heat to 93°C.
It helps to use a thermometer but if you don’t we’d say wait for about 90 seconds after you’ve taken the water off the boil. Boiling water is bad for coffee!


2. Grind 15 g's of coffee to a Medium Coarse consistency. 
Medium Coarse grounds feel similar to rough sand - smooth in part with bigger fragments. 
If you’ve got pre-ground beans, skip this step!


3. Fold your filter into the shape and place it on the Chemex. 
Keep the side with the 3 overlapping folds facing the spout.


4. Rinse the filter with hot water. 
Coffee brewing is delicate and takes care of any papery tastes that could pass on to your brew.


5. Drain the hot water from the Chemex into your coffee mug. 
This will preheat your mug so that it’s nice and warm by the time you pour coffee into it!


6. Add 15 grams of medium-coarse coffee to your filter.


7. Start from the middle and in slow concentric circles, pour in 90 ml of water. 
Going slow is going good! Aim to make sure all your coffee grounds get wet in this first pour. 


8. Give it a quick stir for about 10 seconds and let the coffee ‘bloom’ for another 20 seconds.
That first splash of water wakes up the coffee grounds and makes them have some hardcore chemical reactions. That’s also why it gives off such a good aroma!


9. Pour in the remaining 160 ml of water.
Remember, centre start and slow circles! 


10. While you wait for the coffee to drain through the filter, throw out the warm water in your cup.


11. Pour in your coffee into the mug and take a sip!


12. Boom, you just brewed some dope coffee!


Keep in mind if you’re brewing a bigger cup, you should grind your coffee slightly coarser to make sure the extraction time doesn't go over 3 minutes.