• You’re new to coffee and don’t have equipment at home
  • You’re not sure about spending more ₹₹₹ on coffee gear
  • You’re into brewing but don’t have your gear (We have some btw. Just sayin’ 💁)


You've passed this by in your kitchen a billion times - the simple tea strainer. Aka: The Channi. But did you know besides tea, it can also make a nice cuppa?

Although, we gotta add, this method won’t be the clearest in terms of flavour. If brewing coffee is something you find yourself enjoying, it’d be a good idea to invest in gear eventually. If not, its cool - the strainer's got your back. 


Most coffees work with this method to start your brewing journey. 
Of these, Durgamadhab (Medium Dark), Dark Matter, Mysore Nuggets, Nilgiri, Kalledevarapura work exceptionally well. 


Coffee: 15 gm
Grind Size: Extra Coarse/Coarse
Water: 250 ml [1-2 min off the boil]
Brew Time: 5 min 30 sec
Extras: Strainer, Extra Glass Jar/Mug

The Ratio:
1 part coffee : 16.6 parts of water


1. Measure out approx 250 ml of water.

2. Bring it to a boil, take it off the heat.

3. Wait about 2-3 min for the water to cool down a bit. Boiling water actually burns coffee. It’s best brewed with water sliiiightly under boiling temperature. 85º to 98º C if you wanna be specific.

4. Add 15 grams of coffee to the glass.
Tip: 2 and a ½ tbsp is 15 gm

5. Add approx 60 ml of the hot water to your glass and wet all the grounds. This ‘blooms’ the coffee, which means it gives the extra gases in fresh coffee a little time to escape.

6. Add the rest of the water in circles to spread it evenly.

7. Wait 5 minutes for it to brew. In the meantime check out this website for lols

8. Pour the liquid from the mug/jar through the strainer and into your mug.

9. Add any milks or sweeteners you like, give it a stir and take a sip!

10. Boom! You just brewed some dope coffee. 


Congratulations on your brew. Since coffee is superduperhella personal this method is makeshift we wanted to drop some tips for some FAQs.

  • I want it less bitter:
    Reduce the brew time by a little
  • I want it less sour:
    Increase the brew time by a little 
  • I want it stronger:
    Add more grounds! You can go up by another few grams in case you're not getting the flavour you want.
  • I want a cleaner brew:
    Place a wet muslin cloth/cheesecloth over the strainer when you're pouring. It'll take out any sediment that might go through