You’re new to coffee and don’t have equipment at home
Hot coffee isn’t your thing so you like it with lots of ice 
You want to experiment a lot with coffee [Coffee Cocktails, anyone?]


The good news? You just have to leave it in the fridge and do nothing. That’s it. The bad news? It takes 18 hours. [Pro Tip: Leave it overnight to wake up to brilliant coffee.]

Often mistaken for cold coffee (much to the surprise of people that expected cold coffee) Cold Brew is not the same drink at all.

It’s a completely different way of brewing coffee. Like in cold brews, instead of making the coffee with hot water, we use cold and that changes everything. Hot water speeds up the chemical reaction in coffee which makes it drinkable fast. That’s why for cold brews, you gotta keep the grounds in the water for a long time. 

The resulting brew is mellower, rounder and naturally sweeter than all hot cups of coffee.  


Polaris and Cryosphere are made especially for this method.
Kalledevarapura, Swarnagiri work well with this method. 


Coffee: 50 gm
Grind Size: Coarse
Water: 500 ml 
Brew Time: 18 hours
Extras: 2 Bottles/Carafe, Strainer, Spoon

The Ratio: 1 part coffee : 10 part water


  1. Measure out approx 500 ml of water. 

  1. Add all 50 grams of coffee to a bottle/carafe
    Tip: 7 and a ½ tbsp is about 50 gm of ground coffee

  1. Add a little bit of the water in and stir the grounds to make sure everything’s wet. Give the water and coffee 30 secs to hang out

  1. Pour in what’s left of the 500 ml of water and give the whole thing a good stir. Your bottle is now ready for a trip to the fridge.

  1. If the bottle comes with a lid cap it. If not cover it with something (foil/wrap) and put it in the fridge for 18 hours.
    Tip:18 hours gives you a concentrate. 10-12 hours will give you something milder that you can drink without diluting at all.

  1. Wait outside your fridge impatiently and tap your feet for 18 hours. Just kidding, go about your life, the coffee’s doing its thing. We recommended doing this before dinner. That way brew is ready by the morning when you want it. 

  1. Take the cold brew out and pour all the brewed mixture through your strainer into the other bottle. If you want, add a wet cheesecloth/muslin cloth on top of the strainer for a cleaner filtration. Choice is yours. 

  2. Aaaand you’re done. If you want to repurpose the grounds, leave em’ out to dry and use it as fertilizer. Plants love that stuff!

  1. Boom! You just brewed some dope coffee. 

  1. Pour in about 150 ml of it into a glass full of ice. This is your cold brew concentrate. Since it's very strong, add a little water, milk, or alternative milks to the glass you’re making as per taste. Sweeten to your liking.

Left unmixed the concentrate will last about a 5 days refrigerated.
If diluted with anything else, it’s shelf life goes down to 3 days.