**NOTE: This recipe is super simplified so that you can get to drinking real quick. Once you’re used to it, feel free to hop across and try the other ones!**


Your ideal coffee is bold, in your face and heavy bodied
You want a low maintenance, minimal effort daily brew
You want to brew big batches for groups with ease


There’s a pretty legit reason people recommend the French Press for people who want to get into brewing. It’s stylish, timeless and reliable. What's not to love?

Hot water, fresh grounds and 5 minutes of your time are all you need to pull an amazing cup of this coffee. For those of you looking for clarity in your brew, this might not be the best choice. But for someone that wants a strong cup of wake-me-the-hell-up, this will be your favourite method. 


Monsooned Malabar and Swarnagiri for those that drink black
Dark Matter, Kalledevarapura and Mysore Nuggets for those that pair their brews with milk and sugar. 


Recipe for 1 cup. Multiply as needed.
Coffee: 20 gm [per cup]
Grind Size: Coarse
Water: 250 ml [per cup] of nearly boiling water
Brew Time: 5 min
Extras: Mug(s), Spoon/Stirrer 

The Ratio: 1 : 10


  1. Measure out approx 250 ml of water per cup
  1. Remove the lid and plunger from the French Press
  1. Add all 20 grams of coffee into the chamber
    Tip: Approx 3 tbsp is about 20 gm of ground coffee
  1. Make sure your water is below boiling temperature before adding all of it into the French Press. Try to pour it in circles. That way that’ll shake the grounds and wet everything evenly instead of focusing on only the center. 
  1. Take your spoon and stir firmly clockwise for about 10-15 sec
  1. Put on the lid and push the plunger down until it barely touches the brewed mixture. 
  1. Set a timer and let it brew for 5 min. While you wait get your breakfast plated up! Or watch 20 IG reels. Idk, do what you want, I’m just a recipe.  
  1. Times up! Push down on the plunger and pour the coffee out into the mug. Don't press too hard or you'll squish the grounds at the bottom and they'll release some extra bitters.

  2. If you’re brewing for a couple of people, don’t let the brew sit in the press after the 5 min brew time. If it’s in there it’s still brewing! Pour it out into a mug/carafe immediately.

  3. Boom! You just brewed some dope coffee. 
  1. Have it black or add anything else you might like (sugar, honey, milk, almond milk etc) and drink up! 
If you want to repurpose the grounds, leave em’ out to dry and use it as fertiliser. Plants love that stuff!