For Cinnamon, Light & Medium Roasts

Coffee: 20.8g's
Grind Size: Coarse
Water 250ml at 91 Degrees C
Brew Time: 5 mins


  1. Grind 20.8 G's of coffee to a coarse size. Coarse ground coffee has a consistency similar to sea salt. 
  1. At room temperature, the French Press will absorb the heat faster from the water. To keep it even and steady, preheat the press by pouring in some hot water and stirring it about. Remove the water after a bit.
  1. Add in the coffee and slowly pour in 250 ml of water in a spiral that starts from the centre. This’ll make sure your water spreads and wets all the beans evenly. 
  1. Stir the drink vigorously up and down. 
  1. Put the plunger on the top and let it sit so that the coffee can brew for 4 minutes.
  1. Slowly plunge the press down.
  1. And boom! You just brewed some dope coffee.