The Way It Was Intended

If you Google 'recipes for Aeropress', you'd find like a billion of them. Of course, that's hyperbole but there are a lot of ways to do this and a lot of them yield amazing results. There's enough time for you to check them out once you've mastered this one - the way its inventor Alan Adler had in mind when he made it.

A full-bodied and flavourful drink.

Coffee: 18 g's
Grind Size: Medium-fine
Water: 270 ml at 93 Degrees C
Brew Time: 03:00

1 part of coffee : 15 parts of water

1. Grind 18 g's of coffee Medium-fine. Medium-Fine coffee has a consistency similar to table salt. Think smooth. If you're pre-ground, skip ahead to step 2.

2. Rinse the filter with hot water. Coffee is delicate and this takes care of any papery tastes that might pass on to your brew. Attach it to your press and place it on the mug you want to brew into.

3. Add 18 g's of coffee to your Aeropress and pour in the entire 270ml of water quickly after.

4. Stir the coffee clockwise for 5 seconds.

5. Put the plunger into the chamber and let the coffee brew for 40 secs.

6. Remove the plunger and stir again for 5 secs.

7. Put the plunger back on and brew for another 50 secs.

Here’s a fun fact while you wait - Adler made 40 different versions of the Aeropress before making the one you’re looking at right now. Wonder what the others looked like? Yeah, we did too. Here are the prototypes: 

(Source: Alan Adler’s Wired Interview)

8. Time to press! Stack both your hands over the Aeropress plunger and push down slowly and evenly. Go as slow as you can - an ideal extraction is 20 seconds.

9. And boom! You just brewed some dope coffee.