Our Take On The Inverted Aeropress

If the Aeropress’s price caught people’s attention, it was the inverted recipe that really caught people’s interest. It must be a funny feeling - inventing something and then finding out that people love using it much better upside down. Besides making an amazing brew, we love this method because flipping the press over is just a whole lot of fun.

You’re looking to experiment with your coffee.

Coffee: 17 g
Grind Size: Medium
Water: 180 ml Temperature at 92 Degrees C
Brew Time: 2:30

The Ratio: 
1 part coffee : 15.8 parts water

1. Grind 17 g's of coffee to a Medium consistency.
Medium ground coffee has a feel similar to regular sand.

2. Rinse the filter with hot water. Coffee brewing is delicate and this will take care of any papery tastes that might pass on to your brew.

3. Push the Aeropress plunger into the chamber till a little before the number 4 mark and once connected, turn the whole Aeropress upside down on the table.

4. Add 17 G's of coffee and slowly pour in 90ml of water.

5. Stir the coffee back to front about 8 times.

6. Drop in the remaining 90 ml of water.

7. Let the coffee sit and brew for 1 minute. Check your texts while you wait!

8. Turn the press over onto an empty mug. If you’re worried about spillage, place your cup on the lid and turn the Aeropress over in one smooth motion. 

9. Time to press! Stack both your hands over the Aeropress plunger and push down slowly and evenly. Go as slow as you can - an ideal extraction is 20 seconds.

10. And boom! You just brewed some dope coffee.