AEROPRESS: Extra Strength


You like your Aeropress but wish the coffee could be stronger
You like high temp brews with high acidity


If you’ve been an Aeropress fan for a while you know it can make a cup stronger than a drip method while still holding on to the clarity. This is a recipe that brings that exact trait of the ‘Press.

Using the standard Aeropress method, this recipe is also relatively fast on the brew and plunge. It uses the low resistance of a medium coarse grind and high temp water for a well timed extraction that punches up the strength from ‘mild’ to ‘oh damn’.


Tribe Koraput Naturals, Balmaadi Naturals, Swarnagiri, Kalledevarapura and Monsooned Malabar AAA


For 1 cup. Multiply as needed.

Coffee: 16 gm
Grind Size: Medium Coase
Water: 240 ml
Temperature: 96º C
Brew Time: 1 min 45 sec

The Ratio 1 part coffee : 15 parts water


  1. Set at least 300-350 ml of water to heat. While you wait, weigh and grind 16 gm of coffee.

  2. Once you’ve hit 96º C, place a paper filter in the lid basket and use some of the water to rinse it.

  3. Cap the lid on the chamber, twist to tighten it and then place it on your mug

  4. Add the 16 grams of coffee to the chamber and level it out

  5. Pour all 240 ml of your water in one go. It’s best to pour in concentric circles because that makes the water spread evenly. You’re trying to get all the grounds wet evenly. 

  6. Add the plunger and push down on it a bit. This makes the inside a vacuum and prevents the coffee from falling out.

  7. Let the coffee brew for 1 min 30 sec. Pop off the plunger and give it a quick stir to shake up any sediments that might settle near the filter.

  8. Put the plunger back on and press for it down evenly for 15 sec. Don’t use fingers, use your palms! They’re bigger and flatter.

  9. Boom! You just brewed some Dope Coffee! Drink up!

We’d recommend this one without milk and sugar. This method brings out a sweetness and clarity that might surprise you!