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Blizzard Box

Rs. 1,500


Inspired by the term for all the frozen bits of planet Earth, our Cryosphere Cold Brew Blend will transport you to frozen lands with your very first sip. Built for that keep it extra icy, it’s smooth cocoa flavours morph into a blizzard of nuttiness for a tasty finish.

Complete with easy DIY Recipes and 2 Dope artwork loaded mason jars to drink your brews from, this box is your one-stop shop to enter the frosty world of the cold brew scene. 

The box contains: 

  • 4 x 50-gram bags of Cryosphere Cold Brew
  • 3 Special Cryosphere Cold Brew Recipes
  • 2 Mason Jars

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There is a special group of people dedicated to ice in their coffee.

You know who they are - Cold Brew bingers and Iced Americano aficionados. Their commitment doesn't care about things like the weather outside or what new brew is trending. Ice in their coffee is a must and nothing else will ever do. 

But honestly, there is something special about coffee that tastes like good coffee should - fresh and intense and is at the same time served chillingly cold. It's like discovering a cheat code to life.  

So for these frost chasers and anyone else that wants to join their ranks, we've put together The Blizzard Box. In it, you'll find a brand new cold brew blend we like to call Cryosphere.

In geography, the Cryosphere is a collective term for all land mass on Earth covered by ice and frost. It felt like the perfect name because that's exactly what this blend is designed to do - make everything icy no matter where you are.

Engineered for the long steeped, extra strength concentrates that withstand massive amounts of ice, Cryo keeps it's flavour intact much longer than your average blend. 

Along with the bags we also added 3 recipes by Dope Coffee that you can use to make some frozen delights at home. A powerful Cold Brew Concentrate, our spin on Cold Coffee and a wicked Martini with a caffeine twist.  

And once you've whipped up the drink of your choice, pour your brew into one of the 2 Cryosphere Mason Jars we've added to the kit and get teleported to tundra with every sip.